Julia Hesse-Savranski

ABOUT – RITA MARGO & Julia Hesse-Savranski

Rita Margo is an artist’s name that has emerged from a personal idea and has represented the label since the time. Julia Savranski and her team work together on each collection. In the studio, each piece is handmade and is lovingly processed to perfection. The details and the own design handbook are in the foreground.

The Company

company profile

Rita Margo is a young brand that specializes in the capes, ponchos and tunics.
Fashionable followers of Rita Margos Capes are represented all over the world. Rita Margo is marketed all over Germany and is available in multibrand and freestanding stores, as well as in its own online shop. We ship worldwide and work to facilitate the search for the perfect cape to our customers all over the world.

creativ center

Original ideas do not come at the touch of a button. In order to develop them, the creative environment of the company Rita Margo has been created.
The open approach in the team ensures a boundless team spirit and a pleasant working atmosphere in the individual areas. Every single employee puts his / her full energy into the individuality and uniqueness of the collection development. We have a high demand on ourselves and therefore also on the design and the quality of the product. We invest all our skills and heart blood into our common goal. New ideas and creative minds are always welcome here!

social responsibility

Our in-house philosophy is to meet agreed social and environmental standards. We produce our sample parts and the entire collection in Germany, pay attention to good working methods and fair wages.

The individuality, variety and timelessness of her garments are very important to us. This is why we are adding new designs to an existing collection that will unfold. It is important to us that our customers pay attention to quality instead of quantity. All our products, made of natural wool or wool blends, are distinguished by their high quality. In every single manufacturing phase, we respect the environment as well as the effort and effort associated with genuine manual work.